Volunteer Housing Options

We offer a variety of housing options for our volunteers, from budget options to a couple of higher end options that are more expensive and even a couple of home-stays.

The Volunteer House

The volunteer house is one of our most affordable options, and it is by far the most social and connected place to be. The volunteer house is a great opportunity for those who are truly looking for a communal experience, where you will most likely bond with and form close relationships with other international volunteers from all over the world. Read more

Sol Nascente

Sol Nascente is one of our higher end options, as it is located right on the Orla (The Riverfront) in historic downtown Itacaré. It has breathtaking views of the Contas River and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a balcony with a hammock, two bedrooms and room to sleep 4. Read more

Janaina’s House

Janaina’s house is a small, simple house just a block and a half away from the volunteer house. It is another great, affordable option that is situated on the same fenced in property as her father house, Jair. Jair is a nice guy who looks a lot like Jerry Garcia, and he will be around to help out with anything you might need as well. Janaina is renting out her house while studying abroad. You have the option of renting just one bedroom or the whole house. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen as well as a large outdoor garden space where you can enjoy nature, their multiple cats and very sweet dog. Read more