Community Organizer Position


ETIV do Brasil is looking for Interns or Researchers that are interested in engaging in community organizing in the beautiful surf town of Itacare, Bahia, Brazil. It is the role of our Community Organizers to help us build positive relationships within the community, mainly by meeting with local individuals, leaders, organizations and running projects to better understand the stories, hopes and concerns for those living in and around Itacaré. It is important for our community organizers to document and highlight the stories of the community members, while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding about shared hopes and concerns within the community. Once this foundation is built, the community organizers will begin to host monthly meetings, bringing individuals and community leaders together who share similar concerns and are willing to work together to create the positive changes they wish to see in their communities.

Our current community organizer is focused on supporting the fishermen of Passagem, the same neighborhood of Itacare in which the ETIV house and office are located. He is working to help organize a union, helping them to improve their working conditions, their economic situation, and the environment. These fishermen are not only skilled in the fishing trade, but they also build fishing boats and want to ensure that this knowledge and expertise is handed down to future generations.

The role of the Community Organizers is to direct and engage community members with top concerns that they may wish to address first. Then there is the possibility to conduct research. This, to discover the ways that we, as a community, could positively engage with the issue. It is important that organizers choose issues and strategies that are realistic given the current economic, social and political reality.

There are availabilities for researchers to add value to our Community Organizing Project in a more specialized way. The current unionization of the local fishermen is a prime example of community mobilization at the grassroots level. If University researchers are interested in being a part of this unique opportunity, the exact work can be adapted to allow for a stronger research focus. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about further research opportunities.

Expectations for Community Organizers and Researchers:

–      Further develop positive relationships with the locals of Itacare, with a special focus on the

fishermen of Passagem whom we are currently supporting

–      Support the progression and success of the Union that the fishermen are developing

–      Remain flexible, independent, patient and persistent as you may encounter different obstacles.

–      Be sociable and curious about others, with a willingness to connect with individuals that may be

very different from you (in terms of age, culture, socioeconomic status, education and worldview)

–      Speak fluent Portuguese

Incoming community organizers will have the opportunity to:

–      Enjoy the natural paradise of Itacare, along with all its beaches, waterfalls, and rich biodiversity

–      Learn about NGO operations, as well as development in Brazil

–      Combine research and community organizing

–      Establish connections with the local community and participate in day to day life in Itacare,

specifically in the neighborhood of Passagem

–      Support and empower locals in becoming community leaders, particularly as they build influence

through their union

–      Support the direction of the union in their vision of building of a centre on the river beach of

Passagem neighborhood where they can store tools, build boats and host regular meetings,

trainings and events.

–      Experience union organizing within a Brazilian bureaucracy

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