English Program Coordinator


All of our Coordinator positions are our highest-level volunteer positions for volunteers with strong leadership skills, who are looking to coordinate and manage one of our projects. In this position, you will receive supervision from the director or assistant director and you will be responsible for overseeing and supervising any other English volunteers, while also coordinating with our partner projects and the one public school where we teach English. The English Coordinator is also be expected to plan weekly meetings with all of our HELP English volunteers, to visit all our partner project and school at least once a month, and to keep all of our HELP English resources (including materials, books, curriculums and activities) updated and organized. In addition, we do expect the English coordinator to continue to create new materials and resources for our English project, based on what is most needed to give our English teaching volunteers the support they need while helping the English program to be as successful as possible.

The English Coordinator position is a challenging position, although it can also be incredibly rewarding. The teaching environment in Brazil has proven to be difficult for many of our volunteers because student behaviors can be more difficult than what most of us are accustomed to at home, while there is often no plan or consistency for discipline or ways to support teachers with student behaviors in the schools. However, many past volunteers have developed their own systems of positive reinforcement and discipline, and we often use a lot of stickers to reinforce good work and good behavior, which has been effective in many of our classrooms.

Our partner projects here in Brazil are usually not as organized as what we might expect, and some of our classes often get canceled at the last minute due to unexpected holidays, celebrations, teacher strikes, testing and an array of other reasons. Thus, we work diligently to get holiday and vacation days written down in advance so that our volunteers know their schedules and when they can plan vacations, and we will need your support in continuing this work.

Only volunteers with a great deal of patience, leadership, flexibility and organization skills should apply for this position. However, the ETIV staff is always available to support you, and it is also your responsibility to reach out to us and to set up regular meetings with us so that we can help you and the project truly succeed.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Volunteers should work at least one month before taking vacation time, but we are flexible to suit different needs.
  • Volunteers work at least 4 hours day/20 hours a week, usually Monday – Friday from 9am to 1pm.
  • All volunteers must complete the volunteer application form prior to acceptance and they must sign and agree to our ETIV code of conduct prior to or upon arrival.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Portuguese preferred.
  • At least 3 month time commitment necessary.
  • Education and/or experience teaching English required.
  • TEFL Certificate preferrred.
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