Environmental Coordinator Position



The ETIV Environmental Coordinator is an absolutely critical member of the ETIV team. It is the duty of the environmental coordinator to help identify ways to promote and ensure increased and sustainable environmental conservation in and around Itacaré. Meanwhile, there are endless possibilities to conduct research here, as our NGO is located where the Atlantic rainforest and the Contas River meet the Ocean, and where beautiful beaches, waterfalls and wildlife abound.

Our main goal is to develop a new generation of local (Brazilian) youth leaders that will actively care for each other, their community and the environment. This project includes an educational campaign with fun and interactive trainings and activities to teach children and youth how incredibly important it is to take care of our natural environment and to work together to combat global climate change. The coordinators will have a great deal of freedom and flexibility to focus on other environmental projects, depending on the interests and needs of both the volunteers and the community.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To plan, organize and lead our weekly environmental trainings with youth
  • To take attendance and document outcomes in our database including successes, challenges, attendance and best practices for every class
  • To continue to update and improve upon our Environmental manual and website description for incoming volunteers
  • To help with recruitment of youth to our weekly lessons, to support good behaviors and to stay connected with family members
  • To participate in our mangrove restoration project when possible (this work is seasonal)
  • To take charge of our compost pile, to help ensure that we and others in our community are recycling, and to continue to work on our organic garden
  • To help all volunteers reuse, recycle and reduce their consumption and to help us make natural products for cleaning the volunteer house
  • To continue to help us build partnerships and greater power with key stakeholders
  • To organize events including neighborhood cleanups and our annual Earth Day event
  • To encourage more businesses to switch to more sustainable products and forms of doing business
  • To help us recruit more Environmental volunteers and interns to the NGO
  • To organize at least one fundraiser event or online to help us maintain a weekly budget for our environmental work or identify and apply for at least one grant that could support this work


  • At least Intermediate Portuguese
  • Coordinators must work at least 25 hours per week
  • 3 months minimum and 4 to 6-month time commitment preferred for all coordinators (however we do welcome applications for Environmental volunteers/interns that can only stay 1-3 months)
  • Strong leadership, social and organizational skills.
  • Patience, flexibility and punctuality.


Prior to arrival, volunteers and interns receive ongoing support, our Pre-Departure PowerPoint a Skype interview and Portuguese audio lessons. We also organize taxi pickups, housing, project placement and Portuguese lessons with our local instructor. All volunteers and interns will also receive an Introduction to the NGO, a tour of Itacaré, life insurance, project training and ongoing support and supervision during their volunteer time or internship with the NGO. All volunteers and interns will receive excellent references from the NGO for quality work completed with us.

Most interns can receive university credit while interning with us and some are even able to receive a University stipend or grant to help cover their expenses. We offer ongoing supervision for interns and can complete all university documents and evaluations as deemed necessary. Interns can also earn credit by completing a remote/virtual internship with us completely free of charge.

Low income volunteers and interns that are willing and able to dedicate at least 5-months (preferably 6) to the project may apply for a grant with the NGO to have their volunteer contribution waived. However, everyone is responsible for covering their own food, travel, accommodation and personal expenses and everyone must pay the $67 admin fee that covers all legal documentation.

These positions are perfect for someone seeking a meaningful internship experience in a stunning location with a thriving Afro-Brazilian culture. Itacaré is unique place where the Rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungles, waterfalls and wildlife abound.

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