Frequently Asked Questions

The closest airport to Itacaré is Ilhéus (IOS) which is about an hour’s drive away. From there we can arrange a taxi pick-up service to bring you safely to the volunteer house! The closest international airport is Salvador and you can find cheap domestic flights to Ilhéus from there. (São Paolo also has flights to Ilhéus, Rio de Janeiro does not have direct flights to Ilhéus.)  From Salvador you can catch the ferry boat (about 1 hour) then take the bus (about 5 hours) direct to Itacaré, however we would only recommend this option if you aren’t traveling directly from the airport and feel confident enough with your level of Portuguese to be able to navigate public transportation.
Certainly! If the volunteer house is going to be fully booked when you arrive, or you would simply prefer to stay elsewhere, we can help you arrange alternative accommodation. Please see the ‘accommodation’ section of our website to learn more about the available options.
Of course! When you get here we can help you arrange any cultural education classes that you might be interested in!
This is one of the most commonly asked questions and perhaps the least understood.  Similar to most volunteer lead NGOs, ETIV do Brasil does charge fees, although we are among the most affordable, particularly for our location.  The fees that are charged to volunteers covers administration, recruitment and all of the support we offer to volunteers including:

  • pre-departure support and guidance
  • project placement and training
  • internship supervision (which often involves various paperwork)
  • orientation
  • project supplies
  • volunteer management
  • recruitment and marketing
  • organization of housing, transportation and cultural education
  • arrangement of Eco and Adventure Tours
  • 24 hour emergency support

Much of the groundwork that is put into building a successful and meaningful experience for volunteers isn’t free.  There is a lot of work that goes into ensuring our programs and projects are set up and flow with the influx of different volunteers that come and go.  To insure a consistent flow of volunteers, time and commitment is put into recruiting.  ETIV do Brasil provides ongoing support to our volunteers before and during their time with us.  Pre-departure guidance including emails, Skype calls, providing information about Brazil and Itacaré are all included in your experience.  Once you arrive, orientation (to Itacaré, your project and the NGO), training and guidance are provided and continued throughout your stay.

Your contribution is critical to support the NGO as we work to provide valuable programs and projects to the children and families in Itacaré. This contribution also ensures that you are able to have a meaningful and fulfilling volunteer experience with us.  We work diligently to ensure that all of the funding we receive helps to create positive changes in our communities while offering a life changing experience for our volunteers.

Local Brazilians who live in Itacaré and get involved in our projects are considered more like community members rather than volunteers, since they are stepping up to help make a difference in their own community.  Therefore, they are not expected to pay a contribution.  Currently we do have several locals here supporting the NGO and who joined our association that are offering fantastic programs including capoeira classes, music classes and environmental training.  This has been beautiful to witness and we so thankful for their leadership and support.  However anyone who travels to Itacaré specifically to volunteer with ETIV do Brasil is expected to pay our volunteer contribution.  This covers all the work involved in supporting new volunteers from the moment they sign up to the the time they leave.  This includes all of the paperwork we must file for each new volunteer (including the volunteer contract, code of conduct, emergency contact form and a rental agreement if they are living in the volunteer house) as well as of all the other arrangements we will be making for our volunteers.  Arrangements include airport pickups, housing reservations, and guided tours of Itacaré as well as volunteer inductions (an introduction to our NGO and community projects) and training and support during the entire time volunteers are here.  We also offer 24 hour emergency support and volunteers are encouraged to request extra meetings with us anytime they have questions, concerns, ideas or strategies they wish to discuss. Not only does this contribution help to support the sustainability and success of the NGO, but it also helps to fund the classes, projects, training and activities that we offer to the children and families of Itacaré.
Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, therefore if Brazilian nationals need a visa in your home country, you will need to secure one when coming into Brazil. If you are unsure, check with your country’s Brazilian embassy.

You only need a tourist visa to come and volunteer, your initial tourist visa will last 90 days from the date of your arrival. Once here, some nationalities can extend their visa for an additional 90 days.