Girls’ Literacy and Empowerment in Itacaré



ETIV do Brasil is looking for volunteers to support a project focused on literacy and empowerment for girls project, that is known as “LitClub” and that is connected to three international projects including LitWorld, the HerStory Campaign and Global Glow. ETIV currently has four LitClubs running in 4 different neighborhoods of Itacare and a teacher that leads each project. However, our teachers could use more support with coordination, preparation, administration and facilitation of the clubs. Consequently, we are in need of volunteers that will work alongside the teachers to help support the work and goals of our LitClub program. This would be a part time volunteer position, as this club only runs four times a week, so volunteers would need to choose this in combination with another project in order to get in at least 20 hours of volunteer service a week.

More about LitWorld:

LitWorld is an international organization whose head office is based in NYC, and who is currently also partnering with Global Glow and the HerStory campaign to recognizes that literacy provides access to history, knowledge, creativity and democracy. As such, LitWorld aims to create social transformation at a grassroots level by funding LitClubs to improving literacy in disadvantaged communities in both the US and around the world.

The focus of the LitClubs is to help children engage with and enjoy reading, writing and storytelling, while also promoting self-confidence. Most girls are aged between 9 -14 years old and the teachers (mentors) of our LitClubs are also members of the local community. The LitClubs aim to provide children with positive role models, as well as to create a safe space where they can build their self-confidence. The LitClub curriculum is based around seven key strengths, which are designed to foster trust and mutual respect between the members of LitClub. These strengths include:

  • Belonging
  • Curiosity
  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Hope

The LitClubs are truly fantastic as it is wonderful to watch the girls become more confident in themselves as they are able to better express themselves through reading, writing, drawing and storytelling!

Main Responsibilities:

  • Meet with the LitClub teachers on a weekly basis
  • Help prepare and facilitate the LitClubs
  • Support the coordination and documentation of the project
  • Take attendance, document successes and challenges
  • Support the management of the budget
  • Report progress and updates at ETIV weekly meetings
  • Help recruit other volunteers to support the LitClubs
  • Pick up snacks, materials and books as necessary
  • Help to organize our LitClub events and campaigns
  • Help keep the LitClub database up to date and organized
  • Support good attendance and behaviors
  • Sometimes meet with family members and network within the communities
  • Help us take photos and share the great work
  • To create a LitClub manual for incoming volunteers and to keep our description updated on our website, especially before leaving the position.


  • Intermediate Portuguese
  • At least 20 hours of volunteer service per week
  • At least 1-month commitment, 3 months or more preferred



Prior to arrival, volunteers and interns receive ongoing support, our Pre-Departure PowerPoint a Skype interview and Portuguese audio lessons. We also organize taxi pickups, housing, project placement and Portuguese lessons with our local instructor. All volunteers and interns will also receive an Introduction to the NGO, a tour of Itacaré, life insurance, project training and ongoing support and supervision during their volunteer time or internship with the NGO. All volunteers and interns will receive excellent references from the NGO for quality work completed with us.

Most interns can receive university credit while interning with us and some are even able to receive a University stipend or grant to help cover their expenses. We offer ongoing supervision for interns and can complete all university documents and evaluations as deemed necessary. Interns can also earn credit by completing a remote/virtual internship with us completely free of charge.

Low income volunteers and interns that are willing and able to dedicate at least 5-months (preferably 6) to the project may apply for a grant with the NGO to have their volunteer contribution waived. However, everyone is responsible for covering their own food, travel, accommodation and personal expenses and everyone must pay the $67 admin fee that covers all legal documentation.

These positions are perfect for someone seeking a meaningful internship experience in a stunning location with a thriving Afro-Brazilian culture. Itacaré is unique place where the Rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungles, waterfalls and wildlife abound.