ETIV Projects & Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of Volunteer and Internship Positions at ETIV do Brasil as most of our projects are volunteer lead. Our Coordinator Positions are our highest level of responsibility, for volunteers or interns who want to actually be in charge of one of our projects. Meanwhile, our other positions are for those that want to support these projects while working alongside others who will take the lead. However, we cannot guarantee that there will always be a coordinator available during the time you want to volunteer with us, so please be sure to inquire about this before signing up for your project and do consider stepping up to help lead in projects where leadership is lacking. Click on the categories that interest you the most to see the positions available within that category, or simply scroll down to see everything. For every position listed below, you can choose one of these as your primary positions. However, we also ask volunteers to support us in the areas where leadership may be lacking, and we can always use extra support with marketing, recruitment, fund development and house and garden maintenance.

Environmental Conservation
Community Development
Animal Welfare & Veterinary
NGO Admin & Office Support
Marketing & Communications
Construction & Landscaping

Teaching English

ETIV has been offering English classes in three different areas of Itacaré. Some of our classes are held after school in a local church, another has been taking place in a local capoeira school and a couple classes take place in the local public school, Manuel Castro. While the wealthier children that attend private school already receive English classes, our main goal is to help level the playing field by providing English to less fortunate children, who would otherwise not receive this opportunity. Our English volunteers are expected to plan, teach and create programs that can be shared with future volunteers.


Kids at English class

Youth Development

All of our volunteers working in youth development will have a great deal of flexibility to use their skills, talents and interests to engage youth in fun and interactive ways. Meanwhile volunteers will also teach basic core values including mutual respect, speaking the truth and caring for the environment.  Volunteers can teach these values through arts, dance, music, theatre, and recreational and enrichment activities (such as swimming, soccer/football, volleyball, surfing, etc.)


Kids having a class

Environmental Conservation

Our environmental conservation positions are quite flexible and allow volunteers to focus on the environmental issues that interest them most, for example, organic gardening, composting, recycling etc. However, our main goal is to develop a new generation of local youth leaders that will continue our environmental work into the future. Thus, these volunteers will often be working closely with our youth development volunteers to engage the community and especially local children in this critical work.



Community Development

In these positions volunteers will be given the opportunity to get involved with the local community and have a profound effect on the work of the NGO in their particular field.  Volunteers will receive support from the Director and Assistant Director of ETIV but will also be given the freedom to implement their own ideas for collaboration with various entities within the local community.  These positions will also require a small amount of office work and participation in our weekly meetings – where we present, share and discuss new ideas and progress within each project.


Kids having fun

Animal Welfare

Many people here in Bahia have simply never learned about animal rights and we have witnessed a great deal of abuse and neglect as a result. ETIV is partnering with a local NGO to support the care and protection of cats and dogs and to help educate the community regarding animal rights and the importance of sterilization.



NGO Administration and Office Support

Office volunteers will receive hands on experience in running and managing an international NGO, while focusing more deeply in their specific position. These volunteers will work directly with the Director and the Assistant Director and they will have the opportunity to participate in our weekly meetings to share their expertise, ideas and recommendations. These volunteers will truly be an integral part of the ETIV team.


Directive Board

Marketing and Communications

In these positions volunteers and interns will be given the opportunity to gain hands on experience in marketing and communications.  We prioritize volunteers/interns that have knowledge and/or experience in these fields.  This is an excellent opportunity to boost your resume and improve your competitiveness in the job market.


Portuguese class

Construction and Landscaping

ETIV recently moved into a large house that serves as both the ETIV office and volunteer house. There is a space in the garden that was a carport that we are looking to make into a community space for our environmental activities, capoeira and English classes.  We are looking for dedicated construction volunteers that will be able to work independently and with a team to help us re-build this area.