Environmental Volunteer Position


Environmental volunteers are needed in the beautiful fishing and surfing town of Itacare, on the coast of Bahia, Brazil. It is the duty of our environmental volunteers to help identify ways to promote and ensure increased and sustainable environmental conservation in and around Itacaré, Brazil. Our main goal is to develop a new generation of local (Brazilian) youth leaders that will actively care for each other, their community and the environment. This project includes an educational campaign with fun and interactive trainings and activities to teach children and youth how incredibly important it is to take care of our natural environment and work together to combat global climate change.

We are working to create a training manual that can be shared throughout Brazil that will begin with the basics (what is pollution and why is it bad for the environment) and then move into some local issues (the Atlantic Rainforest, the mangroves and our endangered species) to global issues (including global warming and climate change). Volunteers will also have the freedom and flexibility to also focus on a micro project of interest with the community; from recycling to organic gardening, a neighborhood cleanup and a mangrove restoration project… the possibilities are wide open!

Environmental volunteers must complete a least one month to the project and speak at least basic Portuguese. Meanwhile, those interested in helping to coordinate our environmental project must be able o commit at least 3 months to the project and must speak intermediate Portuguese. Please visit our website to find out more about ETIV and how to apply by going to www.etivdobrasil.org.

Our mission at ETIV do Brasil is to connect international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil. We give volunteers the option to stay at our Volunteer House and add on Portuguese and Capoeira classes to their experience. ETIV can also link volunteers to stunning eco-adventure tours. Please find us on the web at www.etivdobrasil.org for more information about all of our volunteer opportunities and packages.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Volunteers should work at least one month before taking vacation time, but we are flexible to suit different needs.
  • Volunteers work at least 4 hours day/20 hours a week, usually Monday – Friday from 9am to 1pm.
  • All volunteers must complete the volunteer application form prior to acceptance and they must sign and agree to our ETIV code of conduct prior to or upon arrival.
  • Basic to intermediate Portuguese required.
  • At least 1 month time commitment.
  • Knowledge and interest in environmental issues necessary.
  • 2 or 3 week commitment with Volunteer Package possible.


Training Provided

Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available

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