Construction and Landscaping Position


ETIV recently moved into a large house that serves as both the ETIV office and volunteer house. There is a space in the garden that was a carport that we are looking to make into a community space for our environmental activities, capoeira and English classes.  We are looking for dedicated construction volunteers that will be able to work independently and with a team to help us re-build this area.  This would include cementing the base, raising the roof and building a new roof as well as the supporting walls.   Therefore, we are only accepting volunteers that have experience in construction for this position, and those with experience with cement, plumbing, and landscaping is also highly desirable.  In addition to building this community space the volunteer house requires additional repairs and painting. Portuguese is not a requirement for these positions, but we highly recommend that all volunteers begin to learn at least basic Portuguese, as most people in Bahia do not speak English. We can link volunteers to affordable Portuguese classes upon arrival as well.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Volunteers should work at least one month before taking vacation time, but we are flexible to suit different needs.
  • Volunteers work at least 4 hours day/20 hours a week, usually Monday – Friday from 9am to 1pm.
  • All volunteers must complete the volunteer application form prior to acceptance and they must sign and agree to our ETIV code of conduct prior to or upon arrival.
  • Portuguese is not required for this position but basic knowledge recommended.
  • At least 1 month minimum time commitment necessary.
  • Can be performed for free without all the other items in the volunteer packages.
  • Experience in some of the following necessary: gardening, painting, decorating, woodwork, tiling, plumbing bricklaying etc.
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