Reviews from Former Volunteers

Below our former volunteers describe their experience with ETIV do Brasil.  If you would like to communicate with former volunteers please contact and we will have some of our former volunteers contact you.

It has been an amazing experience!. I’ve been here for two and a half months, but sadly my time is almost over, because I only applied for a 3 month program. ETIV is a young NGO whose flexibility gives you the opportunity to use your personal strengths combined with supervision and a lot of support. This NGO encourages an entrepreneur mindset and welcomes fresh minds.

I’ve been learning so much as the Marketing Coordinator and as a volunteer for the English Program, helping the teachers during the classes and with the planning. I enjoyed my time in the field with the kids, learning from them and the community. I arrived 10 weeks ago speaking zero Portuguese and now I’m able to speak with people here and communicate in an effective way. Even though my Spanish background helped, I strongly suggest taking the Portuguese Classes to speed up the process. Speaking the language definitely helps you to bond better with the community and make the most of your experience.

Volunteer experiences alone are gratifying, however, volunteering in ETIV also allows you to live in a beautiful surfing town in Bahia – Brazil, which makes the experience last forever.

Eva Melissa, Mexico | May 2018
Themba Daniels
My experience spent in Brazil over a six week period working at ETIV Do Brasil was one of the best experiences of my life. Growing up I was fortunate enough to experience life with privilege due to the hard work of my parents. I have had an amazingly easy life compared to most and I believe that giving back when you have so much is crucial because it restructures the world we live in. ETIV allows you to do this in the best way. My friend and I worked as environmental conservation teachers and taught children how to conserve the environment. It was a beautiful experience, the children we worked with are so amazing coming to class each day with the brightest smiles on their faces making it even better. We also did handiwork around the NGO which was good because we wanted to contribute to the formation of ETIV. The company is great, the directors Jaci and Rachel are superb. They are always there to assist and are people with great hearts and motives. ETIV also allows you to experience the amazing activities that Itacare has to offer. We went white water rafting, hiking, visited numerous breathtaking beaches and learned to surf! It was just fantastic! The people in the town are friendly and welcoming and so kind. I would recommend this to anybody anywhere in the world. You will gain so much humility and learn a lot about yourself, at least I did.
Themba Daniels, South Africa | June 2016
Themba Daniels
I have volunteered for 3 months for ETIV do Brasil as an English teacher. It is located in a small town called Itacaré, in Bahia. I cannot explain how beautiful this town is. Amazing beaches, kind people, really good cuisine. But what made my experience even better was volunteering and being connected with local people. The volunteer house is located in a neighborhood called Passagem. We started to give English classes for free in this bairro (neighborhood in Portuguese) first. The kids are lovely and willing to learn! And every week we have more new students which is great to see! Now we are also teaching English in a public school and in another bairro! I absolutely loved my experience there! I believe that the acquisition of a second language or more is extremely important for a better understanding of ourselves, and really beneficial for our future, and this is why I chose to teach English. I really hope other volunteers like me will make the choice to volunteer with ETIV and help the kids in Itacaré.
Leyla, France | June 2016
Jaci and Monique, who run this program, are the most caring and compassionate people I’ve met in my travels. They really care about the work they do and the people they help with their program. But they also care about the volunteers who come so far from home. I was comfortable and happy working with them because they go out of their way to provide for volunteer’s needs in whatever way they can, whether it’s to enjoy a lunch together, offer an interesting activity or just to listen. I recommend this program because these are REAL people who will be waiting for you when you arrive and you will feel that you are making a real difference in the lives of the locals.
Jeri, USA | May 2016
I loved my time volunteering with ETIV do Brasil so much I extended my stay (and to be honest I never really wanted to leave)! Given that the organisation was still fairly new I had the opportunity to be involved in the setting up of the English projects, I was even able to start my own project! The kids here are amazing and the location is absolute paradise! You definitely won’t regret coming to Itacare, I definitely didn’t!
Emily, United Kingdom | May, 2016
Itacaré is the perfect volunteering destination is you are a lover of all things the great outdoors – sun, surf, jungle and wildlife.
ETIV do Brasil is a very new NGO, so the opportunity to share ideas, work on a range of projects and be very widely involved in the organisation is all yours.
I volunteered here for 2 months and truly loved watching the organisation grow in such a small time frame and loved having the ability to contribute in a wide variety of ways.
The beauty of Itacaré makes you forget you are even working!
Taryn ‘Tata’, Australia | April 2016