Volunteer Packages

For less than one month’s rent in a studio apartment in NYC, London or Sydney, you can live in our shared volunteer house overlooking the beautiful River De Contas, volunteer for a meaningful cause and participate in at least 5 Eco-Adventure Tours; all while taking Portuguese, Samba and/or Capoeira classes!

Volunteers work directly with ETIV and our local communities to support projects that nurture positive social development, with a deep focus on environmental conservation, youth development and women’s empowerment. Meanwhile, the eco-adventure tours and cultural education classes that we offer directly supports the NGO and economic development here in Brazil, and we mainly contract with local fishermen, businesses and teachers to offer these opportunities.

As a result, all of the fishermen, communities and business that we support economically also become aware, encouraged and empowered to get involved and support the environmental and community development initiatives, allowing an even deeper connection between our NGO, our volunteers and the local community.

Volunteer Packages Include

  • Taxi pick-up from Ilheus
  • Induction and biking tour of Itacaré
  • Portuguese classes with a professional Brazilian instructor
  • Up to 90 Portuguese audio classes
  • Multiple Eco tours to the stunning surrounding beaches, jungles and waterfalls
  • Adventure tours such as zip-lining and whitewater rafting
  • Samba or Capoeira classes
  • Your meaningful volunteer experience! (20 hours volunteering per week)


Duration Without accommodation(per month in USD) With Accommodation (per month in USD)
1 month $578 $765
2 months $490 $650
3 months $416 $552
4 months $353 $470
5 months $300 $400
6 months $256 $340

For details on exactly how many Eco-adventure tours, Portuguese, Samba and/or Capoeira classes volunteers will receive with each package we offer, please request our ETIV Volunteer Packages Brochure.

NEW!  Package Add Ons

 10 Yoga Classes for $60 USD

Love Capoeira?  Go 3 times a week for for just $30 USD a month

Surf Lessons

‘Meninas do Mar’ offers discounted Surfing lessons to our Volunteers and also gives a contribution to the NGO – so it’s a win-win!

3 days: 170 USD

5 days: 270 USD

Scuba Diving Options (seasonal only)

We have partnered with a local scuba diving operation and are now able to offer scuba diving as an additional option.

Discover Scuba Diving Experience (1 mini dive course): $77 USD

Normal Dives (2 dives in one morning): $109 USD

Open Water Diving Course: $514 USD

Advanced Open Water Course: $483 USD

To reserve your placement (and your space in the volunteer house where applicable) we require a $50 administration fee, and a 20% non-refundable deposit (which goes towards the overall cost of your package).

High season in Itacaré – through the months of December, January and February, which are the high season in Itacare, volunteer packages which include accommodation are subject to an additional $50 monthly charge.

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