Youth Development Volunteer Position



ETIV do Brasil is seeking a Youth Development volunteer or intern to support our youth development programs, including our Environmental trainings and English classes with youth and/or our LitClubs (Literature and empowerment) for girls and seasonal Swimming lessons that normally occur during the months of March and May. Volunteers or interns with intermediate Portuguese or better may also implement their own youth development programming which could include anything from arts and crafts to sports, theatre, yoga, dance, theatre or whatever makes the most sense given both community needs and volunteer interests and talents.


The youth development volunteer is also expected to help identify ways to engage the local children in fun and creative activities while also teaching them many of the core values that lay the foundation for ETIV’s work. ETIV values include but are not limited to: mutual respect, acceptance, cultural appreciation, caring for each other, speaking the truth, acting honestly and transparently, sharing and being generous and actively caring for the environment, animals and all sentient beings.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Support our youth programs, with particular attention to those programs lacking teacher or volunteer support
  • Take attendance and document outcomes including successes, challenges and best practices for every class
  • Teach many of the core values that lay the foundation for ETIV’s work, also listed above
  • Help us recruit more youth development volunteers to our NGO
  • Support at least one local fundraiser event to help us improve our budget for our youth development work


  • Volunteers must work at least 20 hours per week
  • Basic Portuguese
  • Minimum 1-month time commitment
  • Patience, flexibility and punctuality
  • Education and/or experience in working with children or youth preferred


ETIV do Brasil is located in the beautiful fishing and surfing town of Itacare, Bahia. Our mission is to connect international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil.

Most interns can receive university credit while interning with our NGO and some are even able to receive a University stipend or grant to help cover their expenses. We can offer ongoing support and supervision and can help organize taxi pickups, local accommodations and even Capoeira or Portuguese classes. All volunteers and interns will also receive our Pre-Departure Powerpoint, and Introduction to the NGO, a tour of Itacare and life insurance during their internship at the NGO.

These positions are perfect for someone seeking meaningful volunteer or internship experience in a stunning location with a thriving Afro-Brazilian culture. Itacare is unique place where the Rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungle, coconut trees, waterfalls and wildlife abound.

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