Communications and Social Media


Communications and Social Media are a vital structure of ETIV do Brasil. Spreading our message and promoting our work, locally and worldwide, is fundamental to our success and sustainability of our projects.

We have two positions available within our Communications and Social Media department.



The Volunteers/Interns working as our Communications and Social Media Coordinator (CSMC) will be responsible for developing and leading our overall communications and social media strategies, with the support of our Director and Operations Manager. The Communications and Social Media Volunteer (CSMV) will support the work of the CSMC, in coordination with our Director and Operations Manager.

The CSMC and CSMV must also work closely with our Marketing and Recruitment team in order to accomplish joint goals aimed at improving our worldwide exposure, recruitment rates and global success of our organization.

These positions also entail updating, improving and creating brochures, posters, fliers and banners; designing and writing newsletters and blog posts; keeping our website always accurate and updated; supporting the elaboration of our annual report; and coordinating all the work on imagery (photography and video) to be used on our social media, outreach and marketing materials.

Volunteers or Interns can also fulfill this position virtually from home, completely free of charge. Besides the tasks listed above, Virtual Volunteers (VV) are also expected to help promoting ETIV do Brasil in their communities, schools and universities.


  • Improve and further develop our communications and social media strategies;

  • CSMC: Coordinate the Communications and Social Media department, with the support and guidance from our Director and Operations Manager;

  • CSMV: support the work of the CSMC and contribute to the development of our Communications and Social Media department;

  • Create unique and exciting content for Social Media, track results and improve our perfomance;

  • Provide insight and recommendations for improved/better strategies and initiatives for Communications and Social Media;

  • Maintain our Social Media platforms always updated, according to our institutional Communications and Social Media guide;

  • Write, develop, edit and upload articles for our blog, newsletters, outreach/marketing materials, and annual report;

  • Further develop and improve our Communications and Social Media guide for incoming Volunteers/Interns;

  • Work in coordination with our Marketing and Recruitment department;

  • Keep our website always updated with accurate information and our latest news and projects;

  • Offer support with photography, web design and video;

  • Contribute to the overall success of ETIV do Brasil by working respectfully and timely.


  • Volunteers/interns must be at least 18 years or older;

  • Working schedule for Coordinators is about 25 hours/week, usually Monday - Friday from 9am to 2pm;

  • Working schedule for Volunteers is about 20 hours/week, usually Monday - Friday from 9am to 1pm;

  • Intermediate/Fluent English, and Basic Portuguese;

  • Minimum of 3-months commitment for Coordinator positions;

  • Minimum of 1-month commitment for Volunteer positions;

  • Photography, web design and video skills highly desirable;

  • Knowledge of Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.);

  • Previous demonstrable experience with Social Media and Communications (preferred, but not required);

  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to work independently and with a team, respecting deadlines;

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office package and Google Drive/Calendar;

  • Adhere to and respect our Code of Conduct.