Construction and Landscaping


The volunteer house, which also serves as our office, is located on a large and spacious property just steps from the picturesque Rio Contas, in the neighborhood of Passagem. We have a large garden with lots of fruit trees and flowers, and we recently built an outdoor learning space where we hold our classes, training and community events.

We are always needing to work around the house and in the garden, so we warmly welcome trusted, capable and dedicated volunteers interested in helping us fix, improve and decorate our home. Volunteers should be able to work independently, with little supervision, but also as part of a team. Construction volunteers should also be in charge of picking up materials for their work, preferably reused or recyclable. People with construction experience are highly desirable.

Portuguese is not a requirement for this position, although we strongly recommend that all volunteers know at least basic Portuguese, as most people in Bahia do not speak English. We can provide volunteers with accessible Portuguese lessons upon arrival as well.


  • Artistic wall painting to enhance our decor and make the home more cozy;

  • Build an outdoor restroom for use by our students and guests during our classes and events;

  • Build decorative items to be placed in bedrooms and common areas, preferably from reused / recyclable materials;

  • Assist with general maintenance and cleaning;

  • Take care of our garden and the composting system;

  • Build furniture for the home, preferably using recycled and reused materials.


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old or older;

  • Working hours are about 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week, usually from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm;

  • Volunteers should work for at least a full month before taking a vacation, although we may be flexible about it;

  • All volunteers must agree to and sign our Volunteer Agreement prior to their arrival, as well as sign their rental agreement if staying at our Volunteer House;

  • Minimum commitment of one month;

  • Portuguese is not necessary, but basic knowledge of the language is recommended; Proven previous experience in gardening, painting, decorating, carpentry, tiling, etc .;

  • Two professional references;

  • Adhere to and abide by our code of conduct.

Construction and landscaping volunteers do not have to pay the voluntary contribution. If they are staying at our Volunteer House, however, they have to pay housing rental fees. The administrative fee of US $ 67 is always mandatory.