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About the Role:

As Operations Manager at ETIV, you will be expected to take on a wide range of responsibilities. This includes NGO administration, financial management, project management, volunteer management and management of the ETIV Complex. You will develop, implement and deliver appropriate actions to achieve positive and measurable outcomes and opportunities for the Brazilian children & families with whom we work and with the international volunteers and interns who work with us. You will work under the guidance of the director and help us ensure that our volunteers are happy, supported and working effectively to achieve positive results at ETIV and with our local community projects. The majority of the tasks listed below can be delegated among and between our team of staff, volunteers and interns, although you are ultimately responsible to ensure that they are properly completed.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Volunteer Management

  • Recruitment & coordination of volunteers

  • Coordinate pre-arrival arrangements, including preparations for their housing

  • Manage volunteer inquiries, applications and the ETIV database

  • Support with welcomes, inductions and tours of Itacaré for new arrivals

  • Ensure the welfare of all volunteers from arrival to departure

  • Offer general support, supervision and 24-hour emergency assistance to our volunteers and interns

  • Monitor and analyze volunteer feedback to support continuous improvement

  • Lead weekly team meetings with all volunteers and interns, including our virtual teams

  • Work with volunteers and interns on their SMART Goals, ensuring that volunteers and interns turn in their staff reports on time

  • Read through staff reports and offer feedback, support and critical thinking to their work and goals

Project Management

  • Help build and maintain our local community projects focused on youth development, environmental conservation, mangrove restoration and girls and women’s empowerment

  • Take a lead role on any campaigns we may be launching

  • Build relationships with community members, network, and build partnerships and liaise with other community projects

  • Ensure that project finances are properly maintained, recorded and monitored in our database and finances excel

  • Support volunteers in their projects and empower them to lead their projects successfully

  • Lead our annual Earth Day event in April each year

  • Support and supervise all of our paid staff leading on different projects

Office Management, Administration and Finances

  • Financial management, input all income and expenses into the drive every Friday, properly organize all receipts both online and in our files, close out monthly finances by the 10th of each month, submit our finances to our accountant and to our treasurer each month

  • Reply to e-mails and ensure that all legal documents and contracts are distributed, signed, received and organized properly in the database

  • General office administration, including maintaining spread sheets, book-keeping and management information reports

  • Ensure that the volunteer database, housing calendar, contact master and all other important information sheets are kept up-to-date

  •  Website development, support, updates and maintenance

  • Fund development – Take a lead role on grant writing, fundraising, event planning, and finding more ways to diversify our funding

  • Marketing, communications and social media

  • Ensure our office and storage spaces are clean and organized

  • Lead on completing our Annual Report each year

  • Complete and send out our monthly newsletters

  • Other ad hoc tasks

ETIV Complex Management

  • Help to maintain the ETIV garden, yard, pool, learning space, garbage and compost

  • Create and keep updated inventories for all apartments and for all of our materials and supplies in our office

  • Organize and implement a volunteer cleaning schedule and ensure volunteers clean up after themselves and ensure that they take responsibility for maintaining a clean learning space and organize and put away all materials in their proper places

  • Maintain house rules including quiet hours, no smoking, guest policies, etc.

  • Support volunteers to order more water or gas when they run out

  • Pay bills including Wi-Fi, water, phone and electric bills

  • Ensure that volunteer accommodations are clean and ready for new arrivals

  • Ensure each volunteer receives their check out list before leaving and completes this list and leaves their keys before returning their deposit

  • Find qualified people to help us maintain the ETIV complex and fix things as they break or need replacing

  • Help take care of our ETIV dog, Pino and our cats, Preci and Cia when the director is away and traveling

Location: Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil

Reports to: The Director, Jaci Braga

Expected hours: 40 to 45hrs/week; Some evenings and occasionally on the weekends; On call for emergencies 24/7

Salary: R$1400 BRL per month

Benefits: Free housing including water, electricity and Wi-Fi

Annual leave: 1 month/year

Holidays: The ETIV office will be closed on all Brazilian national holidays

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred. Brazilian citizenship or permanent resident with work visa. Bilingual - English and Portuguese, Microsoft excel proficiency.

Send your curriculum to: