Informatics and Robotics Classes

Launched in 2023, ETIV is offering a new program on computer programming, web design, robotics, administrative platforms and many more topics related to computer science and technology. The objective of this program is to offer theoretical and practical knowledge and awaken in students an interest in technology and a desire to further explore this area full of possibility and challenge. Technology also has a growing presence in everyday life, and has become especially relevant in the world of business. Thus, beyond sparking intellectual curiosity this program aims to expand students’ professional prospects as well. As most of the community does not have access to computers or electronic devices, this class allows students to develop otherwise inaccessible skills that are highly valued in essentially any career they choose to pursue. A sampling of the topics that we teach include the following: Microsoft Office, the Google Suite, Canva, operating systems like Windows and Linux, block coding, and Arduino robotics. The target audience is High School students between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

Just as in our English and Spanish classes, volunteers and interns are essential aids to our Information Technology program coordinator. As few adults in Itacaré have training in this field, volunteers and interns with such technical background enable use to teach accurate, advanced information to our students.

Our Information Technology Program aligns with seven of the 17 goals that the United Nations has adopted on its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Click on any image above to learn more.

Please contact ETIV if you are interested in volunteering or interning in our Information Technology program.


The following graph represents the budget allocation required to run one full year of Informatics & Robotics Club. If you are interested in supporting this specific program, please consider donating using the button below. Thank you in advance for your support!