A Rainy Day in Itacaré

By Ava-Rae Resnik

Today is Thursday, July 29th, a rainy day in Itacaré calling for a slow morning with limited wifi. As the raindrops lightly hit the floor there is serenity and peace in the air. When it rains here the town comes to a pause. People put down their tools and pick up their books. Rainy days are time to slow down and be indoors with family. I sit here in my apartment, incense burning, window open. In front of me sits my journal where I write taking a moment of reflection and appreciation for where I am, for the past few weeks of adventure, work, portuguese, and all that this little coastal town has to offer. 

A cozy morning of work and journaling in the ETIV office

The mixture of the incense and rain brings forth a nostalgic feeling of childhoods at home watching each raindrop fall, sometimes getting the motivation to put my rain boots on, run outside and dance. Here, I am tempted to do the same and on rainy nights out in the town I do. Embracing the gift of the source that is bigger than us. Realizing that rain is a gift and brings beauty to Itacaré, making the trees grow taller and greener. Rain brings water, a precursor of life and the raindrops symbolize growth in my eyes. Not only growth of the flora but also of us humans if we allow for it. During these slow mornings we can reflect upon the areas of our life that we hope to see growth. 

A rainy, but colorful night out in ETIV’s town center

As the week is also coming to an end, now is a good time to plan for the next week to come, making personal internal goals and making goals for the things I want to do here in Itacaré. I am hoping that this next week brings beautifully curved waves and lots of beach time as my goal is to become a surfer. I want to be able to paddle past the break zone, read the language of the waves and paddle with them as they become big, slowly standing to ride the waves all the way into shore. I want to see more of the local spots in this little town, even though Itacaré is little I know that there are many hidden secret treasures to explore.

My first visit to the beach just after arriving in Bahia

I want to find more places to listen to the intricate beats of the drums. I want to watch capoeira and go to a class at the cultural center at least once while I am here, taking advantage of the potential knowledge gained within the deep Bahian culture in Itacaré. I also am determined to learn the fast footwork of samba as for now all I can do is sit back and admire the rapid moves of the men and women alike that come together at the end of the night after the sun comes to a fall. 

– Ava-Rae Resnik ❤