About ETIV do Brasil

ETIV is deeply focused on youth development and environmental conservation and as a result, one of our main goals is to develop a new generation of local youth leaders that actively care for each other, their community, the environment and all sentient beings. This is the main avenue by which we work to achieve our Mission and Vision.

However, in September of 2017 we started some community organizing work, which is currently focus on supporting the local fishermen here in the Passagem neighborhood of Itacare. In addition, we have begun working on Women’s Empowerment Project as well. Thus, we have decided to extend our projects beyond just working with children and youth because we feel confident that this work can also have a tremendous effect on positive, sustainable and environmentally sound development.

Our volunteer house and office is located in the small surfing and fishing town of Itacare, Bahia; where the tropical rainforest (Mata Atlántica) meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungles, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife abound.

Almost all of our positions can be offered to both volunteers and interns as long as they fulfill the time and language requirements attributed to each position. The main difference is that interns will usually receive university credit for their work with us and they will also receive more guidance and supervision from ETIV staff to help them meet their university requirements. However, both our interns and our volunteers are extremely critical the success and sustainability of the NGO and as they take the lead on many of our community projects and office positions, they truly make up the heart of our organization.

Volunteering with ETIV is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to gain hands on experience working with an international development NGO while also exploring beautiful Itacaré; where the tropical Rain-forest (Mata Atlántica) meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful jungles, beaches, waterfalls, coconut trees and wildlife abound.

ETIV is a learning organization that welcomes public discourse and fresh new ideas from everyone that engages with the organization. Consequently, it will be exciting to watch ETIV grow and evolve in the coming years with the support, creativity and insight from community members and volunteers alike.

Since we are a young organization, we are looking for innovative volunteers that will support us as we continuously improve the quality and structure of our projects.


Connecting international volunteers with local communities to support environmental conservation and development in Brazil.


ETIV envisions a world where people care for each other and the environment, actively creating greater equality and opportunities for all.

ETIV Values

Through all of our community projects, we encourage volunteers to teach and model some of the core values necessary to create and maintain healthy and prosperous communities. This includes mutual respect, cultural appreciation, caring for each other, speaking the truth, acting honestly and transparently, sharing and being generous (as opposed to stealing or taking things that don’t belong to you) and actively caring for the environment and all sentient beings.

More About ETIV

The name “ETIV do Brasil”  stands for Education Through International Volunteering in Brazil and the acronym “ETIV” sounds much like “achieve” when spoken in Portuguese. The ETIV volunteer house and office began operations in October of 2015, although we did not receive our legal Brazilian NGO status until May of 2016. ETIV is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and Non-Profit that is officially registered in Brazil as a legal Association (CNJP 24.835.491/0001-59).