Environmental Classes SwimTayka

ETIV is starting anew. After enduring two difficult years of the pandemic, Jaci and the NGO team are keen to bring back pre-COVID initiatives to the local community. ETIV 2022 has the potential to do something amazing. New projects, new partnerships, and new volunteers are all contributing to social development and the uplifting of our communities and neighbours in Itacaré. As an environmental NGO, we understand the necessity of teaching the future generations of Brazil the importance of protecting our planet and environment.

Our learning space

Last month, we began our new environment-education program, composed of environmental classes and field trips. This amalgamation allows us to teach the children both the practical and theoretical elements to the protection of their and our environment. The environmental classes consist of diverse subjects, with a plethora of topics included; both environmental and social. Ranging from the biology of animals, to the ecology of the environment, to our connection with it. The teachers regularly takes the kids on field trips around our local neighbourhood our into the Atlantic forest, and play games with them to encourage participation and interest. We understand that the basic of a sustainable society is education, and it starts with kids.

Alongside environmental classes, ETIV holds Swimtayka, swimming lessons for many of the children of Itacaré who have never had the opportunity to learn. The children love swimming and will often come to the front gate of ETIV to ask our interns and volunteers when the next session is. The popularity of swimtayka is beneficial for the environmental education turnout too, as children must participate in the environment classes if they are to swim after. Thus, many children are coming for swimming but also stay for the environment lessons. This chapter is coming to an end soon, and we have been very grateful about it. An important outing will take place this Saturday, May 28th 2022. It will be an occasion for the kids to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Children and volunteer posing for a picture near the river
This is what we call ecotourism!
The pool

Club digital das meninas Yandê

Second, we would like to thank our new partner in Itacaré, “Yandé” for the hard work they have been doing. In April, ETIV went to a meeting with Yandé. The “encontro de conexão” was a very important moment for the organization to build connection with local partners. The meeting was meant for members who also applied for financial aid to start their initiatives. The purpose of it was to present our digital club program which is aimed to helping youth from 12-17 years old, acquire technological skills that will help them get into the labour market, not only in Itacaré but also the world. Each member presented their project in addition to a service or a product they would provide to a specific audience or population. These products or services aim to transform our project into social enterprises. Indeed, it is to establish financial sustainability and for these social initiatives to have durability while making an income. In sum, we are proud to have started the digital club this month, more news are coming shortly!